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“Dua For Husband Love Back” If Are you tired for browsing ways to keep your husband interested in you? Is he ignoring you or is talking less to you? Is he losing interest in you? Do you feel that you are not getting enough attention from your lover?

Wazifa for Husband Love This is a situation that most of the married sisters have to face. Yes, not every woman is equally lucky to have a perfect companion. Something more, something less that’s how relationships are but there are something’s in which no wife would like to compromise. One of such things is her husband’s love for her. This is why; the Dua for husband love in Quran is given. You can read the Dua for husband love in Quran, daily even if there are no troubles in your married life, this will protect your relation from evil eyes of other people.

Wazifa for Husband Love Lots of parents of a married daughter, daily make the dua for husband love his wife, so that their daughters can have a pleasant and happy married life. “The dua for husband love his wife” is a very old rohani solution to create love between a man and his wife. He must love her and respect her and if he is not doing so then in such situation the wife has alright rights to pray or make dua for husband love to wife.

Wazifa for Husband Love After every farz namaz, you need to repeat the given dua at least 51 times along with adding Durood Pak thrice, in the beginning as well as in the end of it. Keep your head covered while doing this. Make sure you are in state of Wadu while reciting the dua. You have to do this for next three days and at nights, pray to Allah for husband’s love and then blow it on your husband’s forehead while he is sleeping. In Sha Allah, sister you will receive the love, attention and care of your husband very soon

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  • - Ankita

    Few Months ago I was really frustrated with my studies. I got failed in my 12th class. I was not able to understand what to do? I was not able to talk to someone about this problem. When suddenly one day a friend of mine told me about Maulana ikaram Khan Ji. I without any delay consulted him. He gave me some mantras and suggested me some instructions. After performing those mantras for a few days I was able to feel change in my studies. I also passed my 12th with good marks. I feel grateful that I consulted him at the right time.
  • - Sanjay Verma

    I was not able to get a job. Even after applying for various jobs I was not able to crack the interview. One day a relative of mine told me about Maulana ikaram Khan Ji. I was very worried so I immediately visited him. After understanding my problem. He gave me some mantras and also a tantra to wear. After performing these for a few days. I got an interview call and even got selected in a company. At that time my joy knew no bounds. I am just very thankful to him.
  • - Shankar Pandey

    A few years back. I was facing problems in my married life. The situation was serious. My marriage was on the verge of getting divorced. One day while going through an article I read about Maulana ikaram Khan Ji. I along with my wife visited him. He realized our problems. He provided some mantras. After using these mantras for a few days I felt some changes. Now I am again living a happy life with my wife and also I saved my marriage.
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